Male Honey Bees Temporarily Blind Queens With Their Semen so They Can't Mate Again - Sperm queens

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The queens of eusocial ants, bees, and wasps only mate during a very brief period early in life to acquire and store a lifetime supply of sperm. The semen of male honey bees contains a poison that makes queens temporarily lose their sight after sex, in what scientists described as a "sexual arms race."​ In most social insects—the category encompassing creatures like ants, bees, and wasps—the queen mates for one day in.

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By Vikus - 10:56
The queens of these social insects mate in a single "nuptial flight" that lasts for a few hours or days. They store the sperm from their suitors and.
By Tauran - 07:06
The spermathecae of 17 queens killed soon after insemination contained an average of million sperm (range: to ), about one-sixth the number.
By Voodoora - 17:44
Results and Discussion The results of the experiment would confirm intraoviductal sperm competition if the spermathecae of queens inseminated with the sperm.
By Arashihn - 03:19
The mainstay of this assumption has been Taber's () results from artificially twice inseminated honey bee queens, which showed no appreciable sperm.
By Maugul - 06:58
Abstract. Like most social Hymenoptera, queens of the fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren, mate only at the beginning of their reproductive lives. They receive.

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